I would like to share with you a battle I continue to fight.  My first experience with depression was when my father died 13 years ago.  I spent 2 years in deep depression after the loss of my father.  As a Christian I felt ashamed that my faith wasn’t strong enough to overcome this depression.  It’s not one thing now that I’m battling it’s two, depression and guilt.  With much prayer and support I’ll beat the battle in this chapter of my life.  We know that life happens  and I found myself there again depressed. Two years ago I had major back surgery that changed my life considerably.

I found myself not working anymore and now recovering in bed and at home all the time.  This wasn’t the me I knew. It’s been a long journey and I have a long way to go.  I my never be the person I was before the accident and surgery. With God’s help and very supportive friends.  I began to beat the battle of depression.  I want give up and I will not quit.

Beat The Battle…..


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